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New Nordic is listed on First North, NASDAQ OMX, Stockholm under the trade name NNH, ISIS code is SE0001838038.

In this table you will find the shareholders of the company, as well as their total holding, private and through companies.

List of the 10 biggest shareholders per 2018-09-28

Shareholders Numbers of shares 
Ownership (%)   Changes from previous month
Fjord Capital ApS* 2.439.199 39,37
Banque pictet & cie sa, W8IMY (Whithout P.R. 1.550.720 25,03
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) LTD 937.280 15,13
Six Sis AG, W8IMY 292.466 4,72
Kock, Christian Axel 225.574 3,64
Cbldn-bfcm lowtx third party assets 201.995 3,26
Johansson, Lars 78.800 1,27 300
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring  68.613 1,11 -867
Ahtialansaari, Marko Juhani 60.000 0,97
Adalsteinsson, Erpur 32.620 0,53 61
Total 10 largest shareholders
5.887.267 95,03
Total other shareholders
307.933 4,97
Totalt number of shares
6.195.200 100,00


2,485,000 shares are owned by Fjord Capital ApS, where Marinus Blåbjerg Sørensen is CEO and where he and his family owns 100%  privately and via companies.
** 937.280 shares are owned by Vaccinium Holding ApS, where Karl Kristian Jensen Bergman is CEO and owns 62.4% privately and via companies. Vaccinium Holding ApS's shares are held by Credit Suisse AG. Additionally Karl Kristian Jensen Bergman owns 5,000 shares privately.

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